About Us

Abu Dhabi Blues was formed in mid 2009 by Darren Ball and Mark Gordon for the purpose of bringing MCFC fans based in Abu Dhabi together to share in the joy of following the team through out the season. The formation of the club came about in anticipation of MCFC’s visit to Abu Dhabi in November 2009 to play the UAE team Our first event at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club was a great success and proved that there are many supporters in Abu Dhabi looking for the opportunity to get together to share a beer and a good time watching the game.

In January 2010 we finally got our act together and started spreading the word, and organising locations to watch the game broadcasts. It can only get bigger and better as we become a larger group looking to share the enjoyment that MCFC brings us.


We are currently looking for a location in which to meet for game broadcasts and other supporter club get togethers. At the moment we are meeting at Stars n Bars or NRG both provide a great location to watch games, with plenty of large screen TVs and free flowing beers.

We will advise for each event the location and timings just to confirm.

If you have any questions or feedback please email us at:


Look forward to catching up with you at our next supporters club together !!!



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